The idea of a Sound Treatment evokes the idea that you will have this tranquil experience and walk away “blissed out” and in a state of Zen (for those of you who might think that way).

But is that true all the time?  Is that really what you should expect?

In a short answer: No.

While I would say much of the time, you will feel incredibly relaxed in your body, your emotions might be experiencing something entirely different which might override how your body feels.

When it comes to Sound treatments, we must appreciate that we are having both a body and mind experience.  When it comes to the mind, we start to cover a great deal of territory anywhere from all the senses to our emotions at the conscious level, and then as we move into different brainwave states, the mind enters very new territory.  It’s hard not to have an emotional reaction to the entire panorama of things the mind is cooking up while responding to the frequencies it is interacting with.

Some frequencies used during Sound Treatments are known to evoke memories as a means of clearing them out of our neuropathways.  This is good because emotions are often the source of disease and disorder if they are habituated in our bodies.  However, in the clearing process, the range of possibilities of what a person can experience may be anywhere from a sensation to a detached observation of the memory, to revisiting or replaying the memory.  And trust me, if it’s stuck and needs to be cleared, it’s probably not a good memory.  In the first two examples, an individual can be left to feel emotionally uplifted by their experience of clearing a negative emotion from their body.  It’s a little bit like removing rock from inside your shoe.  However, if you are revisiting or replaying a memory, it’s like reliving it to some degree.  You will go through a range of emotions as it clears your body anywhere from the initial emotion of the event, through the residual emotions following the event to the relief felt after the emotions have cleared.  It might look like: Frustration – anger – sadness – loneliness – relief.  All experienced inside of one single Sound Treatment.

It can be hard to put that into words when it has just happened.  It might make you forget your body for a minute don’t you think?  And that’s just what happens when we clear emotions.  Imagine what happens to your emotions when your consciousness starts separating from your body?  This can also happen during a Sound Treatment if your brainwave state starts shifting into levels at or close to Theta which happens often.  When that happens, many people seem to be “outside themselves” and have some body awareness along with a sense of neutrality about any memories or issues they may have in the present.  In other words, they possess no emotions and act almost like an observer. Enjoy:

I think it’s fair to say that you will most likely feel tranquil and peaceful following a Sound Treatment, but every treatment and event is different, and you are different each time.  You may discover a tear rolling down your cheek and that is also equally good.

That’s why Sound Healing is about Mind, Body, and Soul.  You are the full package when it comes to Sound Healing.

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