As a Sound Therapist, it’s always a thrill to be able to provide a service to a person that helps them in some way. I suspect that is the feeling most people in the helping/healing professions have.

Although professionals in the medical profession never can guarantee an outcome, the same is true with Sound Healing. But the great thing about using the Planetary frequency system I use; I can be very targeted rather than general in my sound healing approach. This is unique amongst most sound healers. Knowing the exact frequency of each bowl I use; I know what the frequency will affect in a person’s body and mind.

This means in addition to the pain reduction properties which Sound Therapy possesses at its most basic level, that specific frequencies can target pain reduction in specific areas such as your back and hip. This has been good (and surprising) news for many people who have accessed individual Sound Therapy sessions.

There is an amusing, or maybe you’d call it interesting, thing that happens following many people’s Sound Therapy sessions when asking about their experience. They forget they had back pain. Yes, in the flurry of describing the experience of taking in sound and often shifting consciousness, the body becomes very secondary. Eventually, I will ask them to assess their back pain compared to how it was when they arrived. The hip and back pain almost always has improved and, in many cases, went away.

To briefly describe the process and science behind the pain-reducing properties of sound therapy it essentially works like this. Sound activates the communication between your cells to do a variety of actions. Two of these actions are to shut gates of communication for specific nerves to your brain that communicate pain. In other words, your brain stops getting a pain message. At the same time, your brain starts emitting a variety of hormones, which make you feel happy but at the same time have a pain-reducing property. Layer in a specific frequency and it is now targeting the gate closures in a specific region in your body, in addition to the general body layer induced by the rest.

As all of this is taking place, we can’t forget the supporting cast of pain: muscle spasm. Not always noticeable but is part of the pain mechanism. You must arrest the muscle which is accomplished both by the pain gate closure and the deep relaxation the body goes into during the Sound Therapy.

Sound Healing can be very targeted for a vast array of physical issues. Pain reduction is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen it do mostly because so many people suffer from pain from so many sources, and I’ve witnessed great results. I have used these targeted frequencies on myself to relieve pain in my hip with great outcomes. I know first-hand how this works.

Sound Healing is a great non-medication alternative to pain reduction of hip and back pain which you should consider if you are one of the million who suffer.

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