Whether or not you realize it, you and I are exposed to many of the 80,000 chemicals that have been developed in the past few decades – every day.  They build up in your system very quietly to eventually cause disease.  Add to that the fact that our body stores stress and emotions, and we develop a toxic soup we’re unaware of until we have a problem.  We need to detox & release all these elements from our bodies safely and effectively.  Sound frequency from Tibetan singing bowls is an effective method using the tested and certified bowls I know have cleared many people of unwanted toxins.

Toxins and stored emotions are a silent killer making them easy to ignore.  Increasingly, umbilical cord blood is showing up with not just a few toxins but hundreds and sometime as many as a thousand different toxins.  We are passing these toxins, unknowingly, to our unborn babies.  No wonder why the incidents of childhood disorders has risen significantly in the past few decades.  But it’s not just children who suffer, we all are.

We pick up these toxins in the environment, our food, clothing, cleaning products, furniture, and pretty much everything.  You can’t escape toxins unless you live in the wilderness.

That means you need to establish a regimen of daily detoxing if you haven’t already.  While the internet is full of easy to pursue methods, I want you to know that there are frequencies that will safely and effectively remove unwanted toxins and release unneeded emotions from your body.  I have had clients experience parasitic purges following the use of these frequencies.  I’ve also had amoebic infections tested before and after Sound Treatments in a clinical setting where the infections was either significantly reduced or eliminated.

Join me in an upcoming Online Sound Bath & Meditation for Detox & Release on October 5 at 5pm pst  https://aurras.com/product/detox-release/


  • 1 hour
  • Plan to use either earbuds or headphones to both enhance your experience and create whole brain coherence during the event
  • You will receive a recording of the audio following the event
  • You do not have to attend to receive the recording, simply register

Detoxing is an important health regimen to be doing on an ongoing basis.  Adding sound frequency into your regimen is a gentle, safe, and effective method to help prevent buildup and to release unwanted toxins.

Hope to see you there!

Sound moves energy and you also want to clear energy every day to be free of any unwanted influences in your body and life.  Consult with this great eBook on various methods for Clearing Energy.  Get yours now: https://mailchi.mp/4a2aef08604d/clearing-energy-ebook

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