When it comes to the philosophy of disease and disorder, western medicine would have you believe it’s either your genes or bad luck. 

Fortunately, not everyone believes that. Western medicine is reluctantly and in the tiniest of ways, starting to acknowledge that there may be other factors such as emotions and beliefs that play a role in health.  That’s nice but while the world is waiting for them to catch up, Sound Healing philosophy falls solidly in the camp that your emotions and beliefs are major factors in your health.  They aren’t the only factors because we can’t rule out lifestyle and exposure to unhealthy substances.

But knowing the driving force behind Sound Healing is your emotions it plays a big role in what to expect.

A common issue that I treat is stress.  Life has stress.  It’s simply part of life and it is the single most significant health crisis in the world as identified by the World Health Organization.

So, when a person seeks Sound Therapy and identifies Neck and Should pain or discomfort, the next question I ask them is about their stress.  Without exception, I am regaled with copious stories of work problems, family problems, issues with children, financial issues, health problems, cars, computers that terrorize their lives, taxes, parents, and of course hysterical nightly news.  Little wonder why they feel stressed.  Why shouldn’t they?  There’s nowhere to hide from it.

There is a metaphor or concept of “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders”.  It turns out this is truer than you might think.  Many people have various reactions to stress and among them is neck and shoulder pain.  It’s made worse by “tech neck” by looking down at your phone frequently.

The good news is that with the targeted frequency system of “Planetary frequencies”, you can find great relief from that tight and painful neck. 

There are two goals you are trying to accomplish with Sound Healing for this type of problem.  First, you do want to relieve the pain and tension in the neck and shoulders.  Second, you want to eliminate the stress being held in the body.  This will create a tremendous state of relaxation and keep the neck in its natural state free from any discomfort.

It should be obvious by this point that very soon a person will relapse to a state of stress because life does go on. With it come the various things that cause stress.  To avoid neck pain and other potential stress-induced health problems, stress does have to be constantly purged from the body. It’s advisable for a person who is exposed to high-stress situations to create time each week for self-maintenance with the goal of stress release.  Stress does build up in the body and goes to your weakest spot and if that’s your neck and can expect pain to return if you don’t manage it proactively.   Sound Healing is a very effective way of purging stress and creating a state of deep relaxation.

If you have a great deal of stress in your life here are some great resources from this site to help purge stress from your body.  Aurras members have access to a sound healing library with hundreds of hours of video and audio content to help them not only with pain and stress-related issues but also with sleep and trauma. Craft your own soundtrack of serene melodies for different moments of the day, during your commute, or while doing chores. It’s important to remember that sound healing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There is no one correct way to do any of this. So, find what works best for you.

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