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Member Testimonials

I did a series of sound healing sessions with Dorothy. The sessions were both enjoyable and beneficial. They helped attune and harmonize my energy field to higher frequencies. I experienced greater calm, groundedness and connection. Dorothy was great to work with, and I would highly recommend her!

— Aaron

Sound healing with Dorothy has been a wonderful experience. I felt from the first treatment that the sound was literally sifting out impurities embedded in my body and energy field. I had dramatic shifts right away, ranging from detoxification symptoms to improved awareness of being connected to the earth.

— Dr. Cat

Dorothy did a fantastic job explaining the positive benefits of meditation and sound baths for overcoming and managing the negative effects of fear. I was in the midst of a challenging situation and felt a bit anxious at the beginning of the sound bath. I gradually began to notice the tension melting away in my body, and my mind started feeling lighter and more at ease.

— Sheena Lance-Nold


Common questions from our members and prospective members.
Why do I need a membership?

A: By having an affordable Aurras membership, it gives you easy access to EVERYTHING without the need to register for individual sound baths or to purchase each Sound Apotheca recording.  All access is there as well as all recordings to previous sound baths are there simply by going to your dashboard.  Plus, with membership you will also receive a number of other goodies and special events that wasn’t possible before.  This will save you the hassle of registering every time you want to attend and watching your email inbox for the recording the next day.  We’re making this easy and convenient to be an Aurras user.

What kind of memberships does Aurras offer?

A: There are two levels of membership.  FREE and All-Access.

  • FREE Membership level gives you:

  • Membership Dashboard
  • Weekly FREE 15-Minute Sound Bath access
  • 60 Second Sound Clips
  • Meditation Guide
  • *All-Access Membership level gives you

  • All-Access level gives you:

  • Online Sound Bath & Meditation event access
  • All Online Sound Bath & Meditation recording access
  • Sound Apotheca recording access
  • Extras
  • Special events
How much will membership cost?

A: Membership will cost $11 per month which is less than the current cost of 1 Sound Bath.  Considering you will also get all the Sound Apotheca recordings PLUS all previous Sound Bath recordings PLUS the weekly 15-minute Sound Baths PLUS extra’s, it’s a major bargain.  Tell your friends and family.

What if I don’t want to be a member but still want to register for an Online Sound Bath & Meditation?

A: Technically, you would be a member to sign up for an Online Sound Bath & Meditation.  It’s the only way you can have access to any Online Sound Bath, and you can cancel at any time.  It would still be $11.

What if I don’t want to be a member, can I still sign up for the weekly FREE 15-minute Sound Bath?

A: To participate in the weekly FREE 15-minute Sound Bath you would have FREE membership which will give you access to the FREE 15-minute Sound Bath each week.  You would have a dashboard and easy access to the links to join the session.  You just wouldn’t be charged anything.