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Sound Apotheca is like an apothecary of targeted, healing, pre-recorded sound medicine.
These recordings are ready for you to download and begin using immediately for a range of concerns you may have. Only tested and certified Planetary Tibetan singing bowls are used which have specific frequencies that address the area of concern, safely and effectively.

Healing & Peace for All

This mother used the Sleep Elixir recording on her overly hyperactive son to calm him down. She reported it put him to sleep in 5 minutes!
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I did a series of sound healing sessions with Dorothy. The sessions were both enjoyable and beneficial. They helped attune and harmonize my energy field to higher frequencies. I experienced greater calm, groundedness and connection. Dorothy was great to work with, and I would highly recommend her!

— Aaron

Sound healing with Dorothy has been a wonderful experience. I felt from the first treatment that the sound was literally sifting out impurities embedded in my body and energy field. I had dramatic shifts right away, ranging from detoxification symptoms to improved awareness of being connected to the earth.

— Dr. Cat

Dorothy did a fantastic job explaining the positive benefits of meditation and sound baths for overcoming and managing the negative effects of fear. I was in the midst of a challenging situation and felt a bit anxious at the beginning of the sound bath. I gradually began to notice the tension melting away in my body, and my mind started feeling lighter and more at ease.

— Sheena Lance-Nold