What is Sound Healing

Explore the Ancient Resonance of Vibrational Wellness and learn how the power of Sound Healing can change your life! We offer two membership levels to help jumpstart your healing journey.
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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and wellness through the ancient practice of Sound Healing. This time-honored tradition utilizes vibrational frequencies to harmonize the body and mind, promoting a deep sense of tranquility and well-being. As you delve into the world of Sound Healing, you'll uncover the profound impact of resonance on our physical and emotional states. With each harmonic tone, find yourself drawing closer to a balanced, serene, and enriched existence.

Benefits of Sound Healing

Discover the transformative power of Sound Healing and embrace the resonance of vibrational wellness.

Emotional Release
Sound healing can provide a profound emotional release, allowing individuals to open up and let go of stress and anxiety. The harmonic vibrations can help to soothe the mind, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

Improved Sleep Quality
The calming effects of sound healing often lead to improved sleep quality. By lowering stress and promoting relaxation, individuals may find it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Improved Physical Wellbeing
Through the resonant vibrations, sound healing can also promote better physical well-being by reducing tension in the body and promoting better circulation, which in turn supports the body’s natural healing processes.

Greater Mindfulness
Engaging in sound healing can foster a greater sense of mindfulness and awareness, helping individuals to become more in tune with their bodies and their surroundings, and encouraging a present, mindful state.

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I have attended many of Dorothy’s online sound bath sessions. I try not to miss them. What a special treat! I always experienced some energy move or emotional release during her sessions.

— Anna S

I was totally new to sound energy medicine when I first joined one of Dorothy's Online Sound Baths. I was nervous and unsure of how it would go, but Dorothy really makes the entire experience very accessible and understandable for everyone from start to finish.

— Kristin O

If you have an opportunity to attend an online Sound Bath & Meditation with Dorothy, say "yes". To me, the sound baths are like entering a secret, magical world that I never knew about!

— Falguni

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