As Sound Healing has become increasingly popular, with it has come a confusing array of terminology that has left the consumers unclear about what they are choosing.  I have used several words in my own materials because I realize that not everyone is clear so I use these various words in the hope that one of the terms will connect.

I’m on a mission to help clear things up so we can all be on the same page as a provider and be more specific about what is being offered and what we want as a consumer.

Sound Healing – This is a broad term used to describe the modality of healing using Sound.  As such, it can include various instruments, processes, and methods. 

Sound Treatment or Sound Massage – This is the application of Sound instruments on or near the body with a single individual usually privately. The purpose of the treatment is generally to relax the individual and may have additional specified effects such as stress reduction or pain relief. There may be an intuitive or spiritual component involved.  Sound instruments can vary depending on the practitioner.

Sound Therapy – This is a Sound treatment done with an individual, usually privately.  True Sound Therapy has a therapeutic goal and therefore the expectation by both the practitioner and the client is that multiple sessions will be performed over a period of time to achieve the desired outcome or goal. Depending on the practitioner, the therapeutic goals can be extensive either physically or emotionally.  There may be an intuitive or spiritual component involved. Bowls and/or other sound instruments are placed on or near the body.  Sound instruments can vary depending on the practitioner.

Sound Bath – This is a group event.  The idea is that the group is “bathed” in sound usually while meditating to achieve a deeper meditation. Participants are in a relaxed position either sitting or lying. Generally, the instruments don’t come in direct contact with participants.  Other components may be added to the basic sound bath depending on the sound practitioner.

Live or In-Person – Any of the above-mentioned services typically are given as in-person or live.

Online – As with many things including Sound Healing, all the above-mentioned services can now be accessed via Online means.  This means of access has proved very effective and has made them more available to more people who could generally only obtain them in larger populated areas.

Whichever Sound service you might choose, just know, you’re in for a treat.

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