Sound Healing is an ancient form of healing that has now been studied and affirms what the ancients knew.  It does heal many things.  But perhaps one of the things that occurred that also caused them to realize “something was happening” is how it can stir emotions.

Most people who encounter Sound Healing will feel a stir of emotions even if the only emotion is one of peace or calm.  However, bigger, and stronger emotions will often surface that may surprise a person, and certainly, those emotions can make you cry.

There are a few different reasons why Sound Healing that would cause you to cry.

  • Release of emotions – We store emotions as chemicals in our neuropathway even though a specific emotional event has passed.  While our bodies can dissipate most of those chemicals and flush them out of our system, there can still be residual “emotion” held in our bodies.  Sound Healing works both in our brain and our body and has an extraordinary way of releasing those emotions so they can exit your body.  When these emotions are released, a person can have varied responses to the release process.  Crying can be one of those responses.  But crying isn’t the only way your body eliminates emotional chemicals.  Another common release process is twitching or even a jerk or jump.  I always recommend drinking plenty of fluid because, as we know, our urine is one major way of eliminating waste which includes emotional chemicals.  The great thing about emotional release is that emotions have a nasty way of accumulating and causing various diseases and disorders.  That means any emotional release process is great for your health.
  • Overwhelming love – If you cry at weddings, witness a birth, or experience a moment of overwhelming love you will understand that when you experience overwhelming love, it not only fills your heart, but you will also often cry.  Often when a person is experiencing any form of Sound Healing, they will connect to their higher power or spirit, they are connecting to the purest form of love.  When the wave of pure love washes over you, it is so impactful that crying is automatic.

Crying is often associated with negative situations like a broken heart or significant body pain.  It’s unfortunate because it has much more significance than something that has gone wrong in our lives.  It serves a productive purpose as both a method of release and of expression.

You should never apologize for your tears, which people often do.  We don’t need to hide or “stuff” our true emotions.  We all have them and as humans, it’s a thing that sets us apart from other animals.  But also keep in mind that stifling or stuffing your emotions is causing your body to hold on to them.  It’s an unhealthy practice.  We cry for a good reason.

So, the next time you take in Sound Healing and your eyes fill with tears- don’t hold back.  Let them flow and remember, your body is serving you well.

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