Let me start out by being completely transparent.  I’m not a “horse person”.  I’ve never saddled a horse nor had a burning desire to ride them routinely.  But I’ve had a few friends who have been passionate about them and feel spiritually connected to the ones they are partners with.  Notice I didn’t say “owned” because what I think exists between them would be insulting to be described as ownership.  It seems to be a mutually heartfelt relationship.

As a result of such a relationship, it allowed me to ply my trade as a Sound Healer to a barn full of horses.  Horses by their very nature are very tuned in to the energetic nature of other creatures and certainly humans they read like a book. 

Introducing the energetics of Singing Bowls was something I was eager to experience.  I had a classmate during one of my certification classes who had horses and planned to do Sound Therapy with her horses, so I was well acquainted with the approach.

My plan that day was to simply get them familiar with me and with the sound of the singing bowl.  If I had another opportunity to return, I would seek permission from the horses’ owners to have body contact to apply a bowl to those horses that seemed drawn to the sound bath I would be giving them. I knew from both my instructor and my classmate that a horse would be very responsive to the vibration and frequency of direct contact from a singing bowl on their body.  It could help with stress, emotions, and pain perhaps even better than with people.

You’ll notice from the pictures; that the horses were very drawn to the sound of the bowl.  I have some “progression” pictures I won’t bore you with of a mare who has gone into heat and was having a serious case of PMS before we arrived.  She had been noisy and kicking her stall.  What took place was amazing.  We witnessed before our eyes her muscles relaxing, her breathing slowing, and her stress from surging hormones disappearing.  It was great to give her some temporary relief from her situation.

You’ll notice that many times the horses alternated between pointing their faces toward the sound and moving their head, so their jaw and ear were facing it.  I believe the side facing had some advantage of jaw vibration and a clear line of hearing to one ear as well as taking in the sound to the neck.  Horses do what works best for them, so it was interesting to see how they took it in almost like water.  One horse worked their lips which had us all laughing.

I would gladly do this again.  It was a wonderful, heart-filled experience.  I just had to share this because I don’t know if people realize that Sound Therapy translates well to horses.

Let me make this offer.  If you have a horse, especially if you rescue horses and are in the Overland Park, Kansas City KS, or Portland OR area, I will gladly come do Sound Therapy for no charge for your horse(s).  Just contact me: dorothyfrmkansas@gmail.com

Woman feeding horse in stable.
Woman with horses at a foggy farm fence.
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