As pain experience goes, the top-ranked pain is headaches, migraines, and back pain.  They occur differently and sometimes they all occur together.  But headaches tend to be the most prevalent by far and migraine is a totally different category of pain despite it still being in the head.  Let’s just say, pain sucks no matter where it is.

I do get asked if Sound Therapy will help with Migraines because, for the person who suffers from them, the search for answers is a life-long exploration.  While medications will sometimes offer some relief, they come with unintended consequences of hours of downtime including hours of sleep.  A busy schedule can’t always afford a major nap but then the debilitating aspects of a migraine don’t either making a busy person constantly seeking better solutions.

Many people with chronic headaches or migraines often notice that their symptoms are triggered by stress and find that stress-relieving activities will help reduce or mitigate symptoms.  This may be the reason why some people think Sound Therapy might offer some help in that regard.

I’d like to say that Sound Therapy can offer much more than stress reduction for the headache or migraine sufferer.  It can offer pain relief.  How much it offers seems to be very individual. 

When I was going through my last Sound Therapy training and learning about the specific planetary frequencies and what they could do our instructor told his own story of a long history of migraines.  As he described his worst migraines, they were the darkest and worst moments in his life.  He had never truly found any medication or treatment and came to fear them because they were so bad.  There was one frequency known to address migraines and after his first treatment, he knew something was different but didn’t know what.  He went a very long time before another migraine which was also unusual but when he had the migraine it was very light and very short in duration.  The use of the sound therapy had changed him.  Over time, he no longer had migraines.

I do know from my experience that the frequency mentioned has reduced the pain associated with both migraine and headaches.  I also know that there are studies that demonstrate what the mechanisms are with sound that cause the body to reduce pain, no matter what the source of the pain might be. 

Sound will cause the nerve strands to shut off the gates that send pain signals to the brain.  At the same time, sound causes the brain to emit hormones to make you feel good, and they also act as a pain killer.  This gives you a few actions going on to help the pain reduction to occur.  Then, if the specific frequency for migraines and headaches is used, it targets that area alongside everything else previously mentioned.  The last piece of good news is that you get some relief from what is called “splinting” which is what your body does when you are in pain.  It’s the muscles around the pain area tightening up and sometimes the splinting is worse than the pain itself.

All of this is taking place while you get a very nice de-stressing taking place and potentially releasing pent-up emotions that do nothing good by staying in your body.

So, yes, Sound Therapy can help tremendously with headaches and migraines.  You must set your expectations appropriately, however.  You may need to have more than one treatment and it may be the sort of things like chiropractic care that you do on an ongoing basis to stay in the best shape.  But for a great, holistic approach to your wellness, it’s worth giving it a try to see how it works for you.

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