Do you believe that listening to high frequencies is the key to unlocking your best self? It’s a pervasive myth, but I’m here to challenge that notion and shed light on the truth – the frequency game is more nuanced than you might think.

The myth likely stems from the common exchanges about raising your vibration, often associated with frequency. While elevating your conscious vibration is indeed significant, assuming that higher frequency sound is inherently better is a misconception.

Let’s debunk this myth by delving into some low-frequency facts that are fundamental to our existence:

  1. Schumann’s Frequency (7.83Hz): Considered the Earth’s heartbeat, this frequency is below our audible range. Despite being low, it plays a vital role in maintaining equilibrium. Notably, this frequency has been affected by global warming.
  2. Earth’s Orbit Frequency (Less than 1Hz): The frequency of the Earth’s orbit is incredibly low, yet it’s an essential component of our planetary rhythm.
  3. Body Frequency (5Hz): Our bodies resonate at a frequency of 5Hz, showcasing that low frequencies are intrinsic to our very being.
  4. PEMF (18Hz): Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, designed to keep astronauts healthy, operates at around 18Hz, emphasizing the health benefits of lower frequencies.

These low frequencies are not only relevant but vital to our health and well-being.

Now, let’s turn to the insights of experts in Sound Therapy science, such as John Michael Stuart. Through various tests, it has been concluded that lower audible frequencies often elicit better responses in terms of their effects on our mind and body.

In my practice as a Certified Sound Therapist, I utilize planetary frequencies, ranging from 125Hz to about 250Hz. Contrary to the misconception of high frequencies being in the range of 7-800Hz or even higher, the frequencies I work with are considered mid-range. Each increment between these frequencies has distinct effects on the body and mind.

For instance, the frequency of 184Hz has proven effective in relieving discomfort in the hip and lower back. However, it’s crucial to understand that the effectiveness of a frequency goes beyond just its numerical value. The interaction between a specific frequency and an individual’s body or mind is unique.

While ultrasound, a high-frequency sound above our audible range, has medical applications in imaging and tissue regeneration, it’s not what people generally refer to when discussing the benefits of listening to high frequencies.

So, is low frequency better than high? The answer is no. Both high and low frequencies can contribute to improving our mind and body. The key is understanding the purpose and context in which these frequencies are applied.

In conclusion, high frequency is merely that – high. It doesn’t necessarily equate to being better than low frequency. By dispelling these myths around sound and frequency, we empower ourselves to be better consumers, making informed choices that contribute to our holistic well-being.

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