Although there’s some variation in the terminology around “Sound Healing” when you find a person who has experienced its affects you generally find a raving fan.

What makes Vibrational Sound Healing so special?

At its most basic, the combination of vibration in your body and frequencies penetrating your body and brain make for a dynamic effect that promotes the deepest form of relaxation.  Along with the relaxation comes stress reduction and that’s at its most basic.  Your brain can also start producing feel-good chemicals such as serotonin and oxytocin which not only make you feel happy but help to reduce pain in your body.  Clinical testing has shown these results along with lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.  Not bad for a natural way of treating your body to a healthier path of living.

To further enhance the Sound Healing experience, if a Hand hammered singing bowl(s) is used it also possesses the unique properties of emitting binaural beats.  Essentially, a binaural beat is two tones going into your brain at the same time and then converted into a third tone.  It is during that conversion process where the brain starts changing its brainwave state possibly going into Alpha or Theta, the most relaxed brainwave states your brain can be in while you are still conscious.  Let’s just say, you will have the best meditation of your life!

With those basics understood, it’s important to understand the two primary methods of Sound Treatments: 1- Individual or private session and 2 – Groups.  With those methods, there are variations on terminology but some generally accepted definitions.

Sound therapy, Sound treatment, Sound massage = private or individual session.  These are focused on a specific individual.  The sessions may be done on a massage table or laying on the floor.  Bowls or sound instruments may be placed on/and or near the body during a session.

Sound Bath = group experience.  The idea with this is to “bathe” the group with sound while the participants meditate which enhances the meditation experience.  Participants sit or lay on the floor.  Sometimes a guided meditation is given but is optional. Sound is created with multiple bowls and/or vibrational sound instruments.

With advances in technology and issues from the pandemic, many Sound Healers are beginning to offer their services with the use of streaming services like Zoom producing good effect with users.  However, for the best experience, like many things, a personal experience is still the very best. 

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