Clearing Negative Energy

Clearing Negative Energy

Clearing Negative Energy


November 30, 2023    
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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One of the things I have done for quite a while is to clear energy in the space, I’m about to do a Sound Therapy session or Sound Bath.  I also clear energy with myself.  Then this past year, I started clearing energy for those attending any of my events.  What I noticed was that the participants had much more powerful, deeper meditations.  It led me to the conclusion-  When people didn’t have to wade through the random negative energies that they had accumulated either from their own making or emitted by others, a better result was likely to happen.  I want to make this clearing energy available to you in a longer, deeper Online Sound Bath & Meditation.  Think of this session like personal maintenance.  Sometimes, you just need a good energy cleanse.