Sound Apotheca

Spiritual Connection Mist

While all frequencies in meditation hold the potential for transporting you to connect to spirit, these frequencies are focused solely on that purpose.  These frequencies go right to your Third Eye, Pineal gland, and Crown Chakra to connect you to the divine.   What you experience during meditation is as varied as the people who have the journey.  Grounding frequency is included to ensure you stay connected to the Earth.  Because these frequencies can be intense, it’s advisable to only use this recording 1 or 2 times a week and only while meditating.  Allow time after listening to process your experience.

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Audio Recordings

1-Minute of sound created by singing bowls using frequencies known to connect you to your spirit

For Best Experience:

Use a high speed internet connection or cellphone reception


Plan to use either earbuds or headphones to both enhance your experience and create whole-brain coherence

Be in a quiet, distraction-free environment

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