Who doesn’t love the sweet sound of a singing bowl?  It’s mesmerizing and alluring.  Sooner or later many people take the plunge and get one thinking it will be a great addition to their life.  Soon after the purchase it goes on the shelf and starts collecting dust because once the newness has worn off, most people really don’t know what to do with it. It’s sitting next to the picture of their cat.  Sure, they might occasionally walk by it and strike it to hear the sound it emits and then walk away.  Some people might even go as far as use it to begin their meditation but are often left disappointed by the fact that the reverberation doesn’t last very long.  At least not long enough to really sustain their meditation.https://youtube.com/shorts/MtSbhY6CFTE

If this is starting to sound like you, it’s time to dust that bowl off and rethink its purpose in your life.It’s about healing – All bowls emit a frequency that will affect your mind and body in some manner.  Unless you purchased a bowl that has been tested, certified, and documented, you probably don’t know exactly what the healing effects are likely to be.  Those bowls exist (they are the ones I use exclusively) but aren’t easy to get.  That said, your bowl has a frequency and will help you in some manners so don’t ignore that fact. So, how do you take advantage of whatever healing goodness your bowl had to offer?

  • Make it easy to use.  Sitting on your shelf as a decoration isn’t a practical location if you’re going to use it frequently.  Put your bowl next to a location where you spend time.  It could be in your office or an easy chair.
  • Think of using your bowl as a daily intake of vitamins.  Pick up your bowl and strike it every day for an extended period.  Not once or twice but at least 10 minutes or more each day to really allow the sound, vibration, and frequency to get into your body.  If you don’t have the patience to pick it up and strike it for 10 minutes, then ensure it’s on a non-skid surface and strike it as it sits and multitask.  You can surf the internet while striking your bowl or reading.
  • Experiment.  Pick up your bowl and strike it while you scan your body.  Do you notice anything different either in the sound the bowl makes or in how you feel?  You might notice yourself feeling more pulled by the sound when it corresponds to given locations in your body.  Don’t overlook what is taking place as this could be your innate intelligence pulling the frequency and using it for something it needs.  Be willing to spend time experimenting with your bowl because this is its purpose for being.

Singing bowls are an ancient tool-making their way to modern modalities for healing.  We now have real Sound Science to back up what the ancients discovered.  Don’t let it go to waste.

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