Like everything out there that’s considered “alternative”, if it’s not offered by mainstream sources such as western medicine there are a lot of people that categorically brush it off as hokum.  You must keep in mind that just because something isn’t mainstream, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have science behind it or that it hasn’t been studied.

When it comes to medicine, you must keep in mind that the powers that decide what gets taught in medical schools and what doesn’t, do the same level of prioritization as every other process on earth.  There must be a cutoff point somewhere.  I know this to be true due to my rare vocal cord disorder.  Very few doctors know anything about it because they aren’t taught about it in med school.  And as a result, very little research and study are done as well.  It’s the classic 80/20 rule.  They are taught, and therefore learn, about 80% of what will walk through the door.  It doesn’t mean the other 20% don’t exist, they just don’t know about it or don’t know much about it.  That knowledge gap shouldn’t be ignored or dismissed just because it wasn’t taught.  But it does.  It also applies to treatments.  Just because a doctor wasn’t taught about a treatment, doesn’t mean it’s not valid or hasn’t been studied.

As a result of this level of prioritization, our medical philosophy and therefore our culture has spilled over into has the general thought process that if it’s not in the doctor’s bag of tricks (or worse yet supported by insurance) it’s not worthy.  That has kept millions of uninformed people thinking the wrong things about many modalities and certainly, Sound Therapy falls into that category.

While I would never put Sound Healing up against highly studied issues like cancer or brain surgery nevertheless, it has been and is being studied.  What is known is impressive.  So, when someone claims an extraordinary experience with Sound healing, whether a Sound Therapy session or Sound Bath, you can be sure it’s not their imagination.  Real changes are being made within their body and mind.

The most studied in Sound Therapy is the general relaxation it will induce such as slowing down your heart rate, and blood pressure, and changing your brainwave state which in turn starts emitting hormones.  These hormones can be stress-reducing such as serotonin but also pain-reducing such as oxytocin.  But this also plays into the role of immunity because these reductions will also have an effect (which has also been studied) on the reduction of cortisol levels and when those are lowered, your immunity is boosted.

But the Sound Therapy science doesn’t stop there.  It is far-reaching.  Scientists know that the language of our cells is infrared, and that Sound will cause infrared to be emitted between cells during Sound Therapy, causing efficient cellular communication and healing.  We know other factoids such as the Vagus nerve – the longest and most important nerve in our body, that is activated by sound therapy setting off a condition to feel greater calm emotionally and achieve better health. ( Want to know more Sound Science? )

Sound Healing may be an ancient healing practice, but we can now back up what our ancestors knew with real science.  Sound Therapy now not only makes you feel good, but it will make you feel better!

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