I was asked this question recently by someone who knew they had them.

Before you start cringing, you need to realize something I think most people in first-world countries don’t know or believe is possible.  About 70% of our population is contaminated with either amoebas or parasites.  This fact came from a webinar I attended from a famous epidemiologist.  The good news is almost all of these aren’t the brain-eating, death-defying types you hear about in third-world countries. But they do, nevertheless, exist and do cause some nagging health issues.  Mostly, gas and indigestion which most people chalk up to “how things are” with living.  But it can get more extensive.  Western doctors also don’t test for their existence.

I appreciated the question because it was a client who had a parasitic purge several years ago following a Sound Therapy treatment that led me to find a more targeted approach to my Sound Therapy.  This client had picked up her nasty parasites in South America.  She was unable to shake them because standard medical treatment (medication) is very harsh, and she was not healthy enough to withstand the entire course of treatment.  She was living with them but had tried other treatments to get rid of them.  And here we were simply doing a nice Sound Therapy session with no expectations related to the parasites and BOOM!  A parasite die-off and purge.

It told me there had to be something else going on in addition to the sound and vibration.  There had to be something that set up an environment that targeted the parasites.

It turns out there was a targeted approach to Sound Therapy based on work done by Dr. Hans Cousta and what is fondly labeled “Planetary frequencies”.  Essentially, it’s simply using singing bowls with specific frequencies that will generate known outcomes for mind, body, and soul.  And the only way you can know the frequency of a singing bowl is to test it with special equipment.

I now use targeted Planetary frequencies.  And I had the bowls I used for the Sound Therapy I did on the client who experienced the parasitic purge tested.  It turns out that one of those bowls is one of the most powerful frequencies for detox and purification so little wonder we had that kind of result.

As time has gone by, I have worked in a clinic that can test for amoebic and parasite infections.  I’ve treated 3 people who had amoebas using that frequency in that clinic where we can test both before and after.  In 2 people they were gone, and the other person significantly lowered to the point that “no further action is required”.

To answer the question “Will Sound Therapy Address Parasites?”  Yes, it will.

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