When I took my first Sound Therapist certification class, I think there should have been a wise sage sitting at my side whispering in my ear telling me about what I would become a witness to.  Who knows?  Maybe I wouldn’t have believed anyone anyway.  What was about to come had to be experienced first-hand to be believed.

There were a lot of amazing things about to happen.  I just didn’t know it yet.

It started slowly at first.  I would provide a sound treatment for a person and in the process, I would get “intuitive hits”.  I’ve long been intuitive, but this was new.  So, I began to ask myself about what was coming up to see what additional information there might be to go with the initial “hit” of information flowing at me.  There is always a time for debriefing and feedback after the treatment.  I started noticing that many times the comments, matched some of the intuitive hits I had received.  Amazing!   When nothing was mentioned, I would ask questions about what I had experienced and almost without fail, these intuitive hits related to things for this person that allowed them a deeper experience.

No one mentioned this would happen.

The Sound energy and the energy of the individual were creating an exchange that I could hear and interpret.  It told me if the individual was out of balance physically or emotionally, where they were out of balance in their body, and sometimes why.  Each energetic exchange is like a fingerprint.  Each one is different, and each treatment is different, even with the same person it is different each time because they are energetically different.  We are in a constant state of change.

Then, the turning point of all treatments took place.

It started straightforward enough.  However, during the treatment, I kept getting “buzzy” feedback with the bowl placed over the heart of my client.  I kept looking for a necklace or button that may be the source but for some reason, I kept looking for a key on a chain that I thought I had overlooked in my preparations.  You don’t want the client to have anything on like a belt buckle or metal that will interfere with the resonance from the bowls.

Following the treatment, the debrief I was receiving was nice and straight forward.  Words like “relaxing, helpful, etc.”.  A bit bland.  So, I asked if this person was wearing a chain.  They weren’t.  I asked them if there was any reason why a key to their heart was coming up in their treatment and causing dissonant sound in their heart.  This person immediately broke down in tears as they told me a story of heartbreak and betrayal by a business partner.  It truly was a horrible story that would break your heart and it was clear, this person’s heart was broken and needed to mend.  Trying to gloss over it and ignore it wasn’t working up to this point.  We were both stunned that I picked that up but apparently it was needed to begin the path to healing.  I got a hug which I was told hadn’t been done for months due to the lack of trust caused by this situation.

Sound works with your innate intelligence to do what is in your best interest, even if you don’t always know what that is.  Ignoring or stuffing your emotions can’t hide from Sound.  It goes into every fiber of your mind and body to serve your highest good.

I’ve had the honor and privilege to “hear” and facilitate Sound Healing in hundreds of people.  Every energetic exchange is unique and never gets old.  The stories are many and always amazing.

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