As Sound Therapy and Sound Healing goes, we most often think of physical issues like resolution to headaches or back pain or to ease our bodies of stress.  I think both of those goals are very worthwhile.  Then, as issues go, we might think of releasing emotions from our bodies, especially those who are somewhat versed in Sound Healing and know it will do such things.

But it is a rare person that thinks of healing a deficient sense of Self-Love.  Data shows that 80% of us in one way or another suffer from some lack of Self-Love or put another way self-esteem or self-confidence issues in some way.  That’s a lot of humanity with the same problem.  That’s right up there with stress but you never hear people broadly discussing improving their self-esteem.

Why would we choose to feel bad about ourselves?  Why would we linger in anything less than full self-love and acceptance?

I think we don’t work to improve because it’s tricky and we don’t exactly know where to start or know what to do.  It’s confusing and overwhelming so improving our self-esteem gets relegated to the back burner.

But what if you approached Self-Love the same way you approached other things you were healing with the energy of Sound?  There are several frequencies that address self-love, confidence, and our personal power aiming directly at our solar plexus the seat of many of these personality characteristics. A few of the frequencies are aimed at our third eye, the source of pure love which doesn’t distinguish what type of love which means self-love is in the mix.

 “Love thyself”.

As a Sound Therapist, I have worked on several people who had issues with their self-esteem.  They did have some beliefs about themselves that needed to be changed.  Sound Therapy helps and it does take consistent repetition of therapy or frequency exposure over time. A person doesn’t get this way over night and one round of the right frequencies isn’t going to heal what took years of conditioning to create.  But even one round of these frequencies is enough for a person to feel a catalytic shift.  And sometimes that’s enough to spur a person on to pursue multiple actions of self-love to work on several fronts to move the needle in their favor.

When we don’t love ourselves fully, it informs how we function in life.  It limits how fully we can love or trust another person.  It is the basis from which we look at the horizon of our life.  It’s the half full glass of water way of living.  The good news is, we can easily allow frequencies to act as an agent to change our own love and acceptance of ourselves.  Bring on those good vibrations!

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