Hey, someone had to mention the embarrassing topic.  So, let’s bring this out into the open, pinch our noses, and breathe life into this for a minute.  All puns are intended.

As a Sound Therapist, I’ve seen and experienced A LOT of things with people.  Some are very magical and mystical.  Some very profound and emotional.  The gamut has been run when it comes to the experiences people have had with Sound Healing.

So, it should be no surprise that when it comes to human experiences with Sound Therapy that the occasional or not-so-occasional stomach rumbling followed by gas pressure takes place. We should all expect it.  And, of course, sometimes the pressure is so great and the sphincter is so relaxed that,,,well yes, farts happen.  Natural but we’re still all embarrassed by them because they aren’t yet socially acceptable. 

Except by your friendly Sound Therapist.  I expect them.

Why does the gas occur during Sound Healing of any sort?  It happens during both Sound Bath and Sound Therapy.

I haven’t run across any science on this, but I’ll share what I think is taking place.

  • You’ve got a lot of energy moving through you.  It’s going to activate your cells and organs so it stands to reason that in that process your intestinal tract will be doing what it does naturally which is to process food and create gas.  It’s more noticeable there than perhaps what is occurring with your lungs or liver.
  • You get more relaxed in general.  No matter if you are participating in a Sound Bath or Sound Therapy, both will induce a deep feeling of relaxation.  When you are deeply relaxed, everything including your abdomen and colon gets relaxed and I think that also sets up a situation where gas becomes more present.  It’s like how people seem to get gassy while watching TV for some reason which I think is related to relaxation. (Or do I just hang out with gassy people?)

I don’t believe Sound Healing produces gas, per se.  I think what is occurring is that under the right circumstances for your body, you may experience a rumble down there with some pressure and the urge to pass gas (which you may not be able to control if you’re too relaxed) (Oh well).

You’ve got to get over the social conditioning and keep in mind that in some cultures and different times in history, passing gas was a sign of contentment and sexiness.

Get your Sound Healing my happy, sexy friend!

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