Sound Apotheca

Pathogen, virus & bacteria Potion

Create a hostile environment for pathogens to exist by taking in frequencies they can’t live in!  Good for you.  Bad for pathogens.  This recording brings in a huge arsenal of frequencies to attack pathogens with frequencies that they simply don’t find resonant.  A disease state is when something in our body loses its natural frequency so these frequencies work with your body’s innate intelligence to regain the correct frequencies.  Two things happening at once.  Use when you discover the first sign of illness and for ongoing maintenance while in meditation, background, or sleeping.

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Audio Recordings

60-Second sound bath using singing bowls with frequencies known to boost immunity and create a hostile environment for pathogens

For Best Experience:

Use a high speed internet connection or cellphone reception


Plan to use either earbuds or headphones to both enhance your experience and create whole-brain coherence

Be in a quiet, distraction-free environment

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