Right now, Sound Therapy certification and Sound Healers are popping up like gophers on the prairie.  It is the wild west in a highly unregulated field and anyone with a singing bowl can claim to be a Sound Healer.  Even some of the Sound Therapy certification classes that are showing up are there to take your money and print a certificate simply so you can claim you are certified.  It’s as fake and disingenuous as the sham service dog certification so you can take your dog on an airplane.  It cheapens the profession, lowers the standards, and ultimately through poor experiences tarnishes the industry.  Even Sound Healers fall prey to some of the hype.

So, where does that leave you as a consumer?  Certainly, its buyer be aware but also know what you’re looking for so you can make good choices.  I will say even then, you will still be subject to a few duds because I’m pretty aware and I’ve experienced a few seriously bad Sound Healers. (Yes, even Sound Healers go to Sound Healers)

Where to start?

  • Do they do Individual Sound Treatments (even if you’re doing a Sound Bath which is done as a group)?  In other words, only 1 person in a private setting.  If they do, this will tell you that they are sensitive to the needs of others or so we hope.  You’re looking for someone who isn’t going to blast you with sound or overwhelm you but provide you with a relaxing experience.
  • How do you want your individual Sound Treatment done?  This is like asking about the type of massage.  What type of Sound instruments will be used?  And will they come in contact or be placed on your body?  These questions make a very big difference in your Sound Treatment experience.
  • What will happen once your Sound Treatment is completed?  Will you have an intuitive reading?  Sharing experience?  Or simply jump up and leave?
  • How do they do the individual Sound Treatment and the Sound Bath?  What do they use? How long is it? What can you expect?  What is the setting?  I went to a beautiful event that was spoiled by being 2.5 hours long.  It might have been good for a concert but not good for a Sound Bath.
  • Can you meet the Sound Healer to pick up a sense of their energy and awareness?  I mention this because the worse one I went to was very self-absorbed and she blasted the crystal singing bowls so loud it hurt my hearing for hours.  It made me ill for a while.  If I had met her ahead of the event, I could have detected this in her and made a different decision.

I love the fact that Sound Healing in all its various forms is becoming so popular and useful as a tool for healing and self-improvement.  But as all things that become trendy come those who ride that wave in an unethical way and take advantage of those who are unaware.  Keep your vibration high as well as your knowledge on this subject.

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