I wanted to give you an idea of what you could expect from using the various Sound Bath recordings and audio recordings of the planetary frequency singing bowls.  There is an almost endless array of possibilities for what they can do and while there is an extensive library already available to the Aurras ALL-ACCESS members.

Here are few results you might find interesting.

Post-surgery recovery

This is the first time I have ever really had any surgery. I decided to try the sound bath (recordings) at night – I’ve been doing this for sleeping previously but I decided to start earlier & do 2 sound baths: the pain recording and the sleep recording. That worked pretty well for me on the second night after surgery and I was planning on doing it again last night.

When my husband came upstairs last night, he found me sound asleep – with my ears buds in and the pain sound bath over. 

I do think the pain sound bath is effective! And today I feel a little better than yesterday. 



Pain Relief

The results of my sound bath for pain with Dorothy were unbelievable! After many years of constant pain throughout my body due to fibromyalgia, I finally experienced the relief I’ve been searching for. Tapping into frequencies to align our bodies with the universe through sound bath therapy makes perfect sense. Kim P

Pain and Sleep

Hi, I’m in the hospital.  Had 10 inches of bad colon taken out.  I had no sleep in 3 days, was in pain. I played your pain and sleep Sound Bowl recordings (from the Sound Apotheca) and slept for the first time with little pain!  Thank you!

Going home hopefully tomorrow. Barb VD

Sleep & Clarity

I have used Dorothy’s recorded Sound Bath’s to sleep to and have found the end effect is repeatable and has yet to fail to enlighten my conscious path the next day. I’m quite sure that the sound bath in the background unblocks my subconscious mind from what I don’t want to think about during the day and offers me closure to emotional stuckness.  Solutions to problems that my mind is too biased to derive in my conscious time, or forgiveness for not being perfect through the day. Rusty


I listen to recordings of the sessions several times a week and one day when I had been struggling with a small writing project for about a month, I finally listened to one on “Intellect, Language, and Focus”. Later that day when I sat down to write, I found that the words just flowed out of me, and I completed the project quite effortlessly! I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a Sound Bath & Meditation session with Dorothy!

Cheryl S

Stress Reduction

I was in the midst of a challenging situation at the time and was feeling a bit anxious at the beginning of the sound bath. I gradually began to notice the tension melting away in my body, and my mind started feeling lighter and more at ease.

 I felt a warmth in my heart by the end of the sound bath. The most surprising effect was how attuned I felt with the other participants. I would highly encourage engaging with Dorothy’s sound baths at every opportunity.”

Sheena LN

The issues these people dealt with represent only a small portion of what you can address.  The Sound Healing here at Aurras addresses mind, body, and soul. 

Your intuition was right in guiding you here.  There are no mistakes.  Our journey together is just beginning.  I’m excited for you.

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