By now you should realize that the Singing Bowls used here at Aurras aren’t “just” any singing bowls. They are based on Planetary frequencies which are known for specific effects on our Mind, Body, and Soul.  Each bowl has been tested and certified, so I know exactly what frequency it is and know what to expect from them in terms of their effects on people.  There can be a range of effects per frequency.

Recently, I performed a private Sound Bath & Meditation and the host had selected the theme of Joy & Happiness which I obliged with my selection of the bowls I brought.

I believe when it comes to the emotion of Joy, we think of a big smile on our face perhaps augmented by a lighthearted feeling.  It doesn’t go much further.  It isn’t as sweeping as love or as breathing taking.  It’s like the middle-school version of being “in like” with someone.  It’s light and fluffy but not too serious or meaningful.

You’d be wrong if that’s your attitude about Joy.

After the Sound Bath & Meditation is over, I always follow with a period of reflection and sharing the experience.  It’s a deeply profound period and some people open up in a very personal, vulnerable way during this time.

One woman began sharing that her youngest child has just graduated high school and left home.  She had felt empty and listless but for some reason each time she heard the strike of a bowl, she felt joy and was lifted emotionally.  She worked through her feeling down during this time and began to feel Joy for her son, for her accomplishment as a parent, and joy for the life ahead of her.  The frequency of Joy had led her to see her transition as a thing of joy rather than looking into the endless dark.  She was emotional and happy rolled into a tear-filled ball of astonishment.  The frequency of Joy had done its job.

Another woman reported that she had spent her youth in India and the sound of the bowls brought her back to familiar sounds she recalled hearing during that time.  She saw her mother, who had passed, and saw beautiful memories of her days playing outside, giggling, and chasing butterflies with her mother present.  Then, very emotionally, she shared her grandson came to visit her.  Her grandson had passed too soon just this year.  But their reunion was joyous and special.  It was a gift to have had his visit during her Sound Bath & Meditation.

The gift of Joy comes wrapped in many ways as these examples illustrate.  Never underestimate what frequency can do with your emotions. (And body of course)

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