I must try to put this one to rest.

I spoke to someone recently who was very proud of the fact that they were listening to high-frequency sounds.   In the 700hz and 800hz range.  I see people discuss how great it is that Schumann’s frequency is now higher than it was.  Many people who watch Schumann’s frequency have gotten all excited thinking a higher frequency is better than what came before.

The only thing I can reason from all this giddiness about listening to a higher frequency is that they think listening to a higher frequency might, in turn, make them vibrate at a higher frequency. 

I’m here to tell you, the two things are different and don’t equate.  Let me explain.

Two of the best and healthiest frequencies that exist are earth frequencies and are so low they are below human’s audible range.  They are the hum of the rotation of the earth a bit over 11hz and the original Steiner/Schumann’s frequency at 7.83hz which is essentially the atmosphere.  Both keep you healthy, and both very low.  You can change the octaves of both so you can hear them and in doing that, the frequency is higher.  But keep in mind, higher is simply higher, not better.  These life-giving frequencies were already good before the frequency went higher by changing the octave.

Your frequency and your vibration are also two different things.  Anything that rotates has a frequency which means atoms have a frequency and if you could hear it, make a sound.  That means you have a frequency.  When something goes out of frequency within you, you get sick.  Each organ within you has its own unique frequency as does each system like your lymphatic system and nerves.  It’s the sum of those systems that creates your overall frequency.  It’s not clear to me you want to change your frequency.  Because when you change it you are suffering from a health problem.  In that case, you want to work with your innate intelligence to usher in your perfect frequency.

Your vibration is your inner state of being.  It can be impacted by your frequency if you are unhealthy but not always and vice versa.  And some things can raise your vibration such as meditation, laughter, love, connection to the earth, and listening to frequencies of all sorts that can improve your vibration or keep it high.  On the other hand, there are things such as strong negative emotions, being in the presence of toxic people, news, social media, toxins, and bad noises that lower your vibration.  Your vibration and your frequency are related but different.  Taking in higher frequency sound isn’t going to change the frequency of your body unless your body is ill and needs that frequency to help correct it.  Other than that, very specific situation, it is great to listen to and may support your vibration = your inner state of being. 

But understand this.  Listening to high-frequency sound is supporting your vibration NOT because it is changing who or what you are.  It’s because you like it.  And that’s ok.  In other words, higher frequency is just higher, not better.

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