It wasn’t too long ago that if you were to ask me if I was an Empath, I probably would have bumbled out an answer close to a “No”.  I wasn’t sure despite what I would call a mountain of my own personal evidence that I was.

I did seem to be surrounded by several Empaths and seemed to understand at a very deep level what their experience was.  I could also see a path for each one of how to manage through and improve life.  I coached a few that were open to it.  I chalked this knowledge base up to simply being intuitive.  Little did I realize, that was one of many characteristics of an Empath.

There is also the related term “Highly Sensitive Person”.  While the definition of this kind of person can include sensory processing sensitivity, in general, the HSP is identical to an Empath.  I think HSP has become a term that may simply sit better with some people.  “Empath” can be a bit “woo-woo” for some.

But here’s what I know at an intimate level about Empath’s.

  • They are like an antenna for picking up and feeling other people’s feelings and emotions.  It can come from nowhere at times which can be off-putting at best and distressing for many. To an unaware Empath, you believe these are your emotions and they can shock your nervous system because they came out of nowhere.
  • When you are “hit” with someone else’s emotions, it can come rapidly and hard.  You don’t “just know it”, you can often feel it.
  • You don’t have to be around or in direct contact with a person to pick up emotions, although direct exposure will cause it to happen more frequently.
  • For me, I pick up animals a lot.  In fact, I probably pick them up more than people.  Fortunately, most are positive most of the time but when they aren’t, we are both having emotional issues.
  • The depth of your emotions is tremendous and can feel consuming or overwhelming.  Others don’t get it.  Don’t try to explain.
  • Being exposed to news or current events is usually highly negative and very sensational no matter what type it is.  You feel the news, not just listen to it.
  • Because you are an empath you do have a sense of what is taking place for another person.  It’s not all about negative or intense emotions.  This insight serves you well.
  • Most empaths are highly intuitive and if they aren’t too self-focused have superb emotional intelligence.  The insight of telling what is going on with another creates a level of insight that allows you to traverse many human landscapes.

With those thoughts in mind, the best guidance for an Empath is to do some self-management that perhaps others don’t.  It’s ok, other people have other things to manage.


  • Grounding – The best defense against the ongoing barrage of emotion is to be resilient and grounded.  Ground yourself daily.
  • Release the unwanted energy – All of this “stuff” coming your way goes in and it needs to go out.  Sound therapy is a good way to release energy, also yoga and a sauna will work.
  • Discern and don’t suppress – Learn to discern your emotions from those of others.  It’s ok to feel those feelings but when you do, pause, identify what you are feeling, and then ask yourself if you have any good reason for feeling this way?
  • Find acceptance – Some Empaths look at this ability almost like an affliction they must endure.  That attitude does nothing to improve your life.  Accept and relish your gift but learn to manage yourself so you can enjoy life and work WITH your gift not resisting it.
  • Regulate incoming energy – Some people would call this being protective.  I personally think that is a negative energy all by itself. It’s defensive and disruptive.  You do need to know how to do what I call “open the window” and feel the air.  In other words, you are in control of what you will allow to enter your energy field. Sometimes you leave the window open, and you need to close it.  Simple awareness and of what is taking place will stop the flow of emotions from others.
  • Limit exposure – Stop or at least limit how many current events you expose yourself to.  It’s an ongoing source of negativity and emotional charge.  The same is true for social media only there you can screen out the ones that hold a charge for you.  The same is true for people- even people you care for.  Let’s face it sometimes the people we love live on emotional charge and like to spread it around even if they are unaware.
  • Set boundaries – This is very hard for many people but to calm down your system and live in peace, you need to know your limits.  Those limits may need to be translated into setting boundaries.  You just don’t need to be a jerk to establish them.

If any of this strikes home for you, it may be time to own this aspect of who you are.  You have a gift.  Use it wisely and manage yourself in the process of living.

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