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Sound Apotheca Recordings

Stress Reduction & Relaxation Balm

Stress is part of life, but it seems life brings us more than many of us can safely handle without…
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Detox, purification & cleansing Soak

We are continuously bombarded with contaminants and over 80,000 chemicals in our environment. It can overwhelm your body to keep…
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Pathogen, virus & bacteria Potion

Create a hostile environment for pathogens to exist by taking in frequencies they can’t live in!  Good for you.  Bad…
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Spiritual Connection Mist

While all frequencies in meditation hold the potential for transporting you to connect to spirit, these frequencies are focused solely…
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Disrupt fear: Trust Restoration

We were created and born in Primal Trust but when life happens and trust is damaged, fear takes its place. …
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Energy Booster

Who needs caffeine when you can get a lift from natural energizing frequencies giving you vitality, strength, and power? This…
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Sleep Elixir

Too many of us seem to have problems falling asleep and staying asleep. Let targeted frequencies help with your sleep.…
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image of woman rubbing her shoulders, where she is having pain

Pain Relief Tonic

Pain has two sources: Emotional and Physical and usually the two are connected (even when we don’t want to admit…
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Transmute sadness & depression into Joy Salve

Do you feel sad, depressed or even nothing?  Sometimes these are also signs of repressed anger masked as sadness, or…
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