Vibrational Sound Therapy

Is an opportunity to find deeper relaxation, restoration, and healing in body, mind, and spirit by both the vibration and sound from Tibetan (Himalayan) singing bowls. This is a unique and rare opportunity to receive a treatment with the use of planetary frequencies, which, makes your treatment more targeted and effective following a consultation prior to your session. Dorothy will select specific bowls/frequencies based on your consultation and your current situation & focus. You’ll be amazed at your results. Timeslots are 1.5 hours, which include consultation before, and following your session, session of 30-40 minutes on a massage table fully clothed in a private room. In-Person Sound Therapy/Treatments are performed in either the Greater Kansas City Area or Portland Oregon Area.

The current schedule

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I’ve had the opportunity to attend many of Dorothy’s Online Sound Bath & Meditation offerings over this past year. They have proven to be a valuable component in my healing process. And I’m in love with them!  I experience her sessions always feel nourishing to me, even though the

sensations can be quite varied. Sometimes I can feel the vibrations of the bowls reverberate throughout my whole body, other each session addresses all my concerns in different ways as well as help strengthen my confidence to be well and care for myself.  I cannot imagine experiencing this service and not having deeply profound results. times tight energies seem to travel upward and then just release out my head. I also often feel a lightness and expansiveness by the end of the session. I listen to recordings of the sessions several times a week and one day when I had been struggling with a small writing project for about a month, I finally listened to one on “Intellect, Language, and Focus”. Later that day when I sat down to write, I found that the words just flowed out of me, and I completed the project quite effortlessly! I definitely highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a Sound Bath & Meditation session with Dorothy!

Cheryl Snyder8 days ago
Initially I was skeptical about participating in energy medicine. I am an example of why we should always keep an open mind, be adventurous, and try new things.
There are three parts:
1) What frequencies will be used and their benefits. I find this extremely fascinating.

2) Light meditation, which is first guided by Dorothy, and then there is a period where you only hear the beats of the bowls. 3) Sharing individual experiences/observations. I find this part fascinating as well, especially when someone shares an experience like mine. I also appreciate that before each session Dorothy explains the different frequencies and what they mean so you have a good understanding of what to expect. Highly recommended! The sessions for me are relaxing of the body, mind, and soul. I can go so deep in the meditation that it feels like I am in another dimension. I have felt tingling, seen colors, and people. Dorothy gives her interpretation of what your experience may mean, based on the frequencies that were used in the session.
I would highly recommend Dorothy’s Online Sound Therapy sessions. Dorothy herself is a wonderful teacher, facilitator, and all around wonderful human being. She is a fountain of information, intuitive, and has a quick wit. I felt an instant connection with her.

Kathleen Peterson12 days ago
I was totally new to sound energy medicine when I first joined one of Dorothy’s Online Sound Baths. I was nervous and unsure of how it would go, but Dorothy really makes the entire experience very accessible and understandable for everyone from start to finish. I love how she begins with a short,

simple tutorial on the frequencies, their origins, and the realm of possibilities that each one can open for us.Knowing about the deeper powers of sound helps me be more prepared to take it in, I think. Then, the sound quality of Dorothy’s baths is so clear and soothing, and the duration seems to be enough to really dive into the meditation without being overly drawn out (or taking too much time out of a busy day). Lastly, I appreciate the time she commits to hearing people’s feedback after the Sound Bath ends. She’s helped me understand why I might be rejecting some sounds, and even listening to the feedback she gives others has created some “aha” moments for me. I always look forward to her next session and make sure it’s on my calendar!

Falguni7 days ago
If you have an opportunity to attend an online Sound Bath & Meditation with Dorothy, say “yes”. To me, the sound baths are like entering a secret, magical world that I never knew about! After I attend these sessions, I am always transformed to another zone – relaxed and rejuvenated – a wonderful

combination. It’s also fun to learn about the different bowls and corresponding benefits, and the bowls all sound so luscious. I love how easy and accessible it is – just grab my phone, some pillows, and my headphones at the appointed time. When the sound bath starts, I close my eyes, relax and listen and I am there!

Miranda10 days ago