I’d like to square off on this topic of “Chakra Bowls” and Chakra Bowl sets once and for all. I recently did a reel about this subject, but 60 seconds really isn’t enough to justice on this topic.  This may not sit well with a few people, and it shouldn’t.

I’m not going to go so far as to say it’s a scam but whatever is close to a scam or something like it I do think is appropriate.

Let me make my case.

-Just because you paint a singing bowl a certain color and declare it a Chakra bowl, doesn’t mean a thing.  I can go to the kitchen and paint my mixer bowls the same colors and declare the same thing but that doesn’t mean they bare any relationship to an energy center.  It simply means they were painted.  Of course, some so-called Chakra bowls aren’t painted.

-Have they documented that they tested and certified the frequency as correlating to a specific Chakra or energy center?  I’ve yet to see these so-called Chakra Bowls go this far.  They are far too cheap to have been put through that kind of test.  AND – most important, do the people selling them even know what frequency correlates to which Chakra or energy center?  I kind of doubt it but I don’t know, but you should always ask.

-These metal bowls tend to be machine-made rather than hand hammered.  This means the bowls lack an overtone or second tone which means it’s a low-quality bowl.  While this doesn’t necessarily signify anything to do with Chakra’s, it is part of the cheap, low-quality environment they are coming from, setting the buyer up for a scam-like situation of buying into a non-existent concept.

I think it’s great that people are interested in singing bowls and want to bring the sound into their homes.  I don’t think it’s great that there is a myth floating around that people seem to be buying into that these Chakra bowls have any relationship whatsoever to their Chakra.  It’s simply not true.

Yes, there is such a thing as a frequency that will balance and maintain each Chakra, but those frequencies aren’t sold as a cheap, painted set of singing bowls.  You need a trained and certified Sound Therapist in Planetary Frequencies to guide you to the correct frequency.  I have done that in Aurras both in my ebook:  Sound Healers Guide to Chakra’s and also in a Sound Bath on Chakra Balancing (ALL ACCESS membership).

If you’re setting there with a set of these Chakra bowls and wondering what to do, here are my thoughts.  Certainly, enjoy them if you wish or donate them.  Just set your expectations appropriately about what you have and please set your friends straight on this myth.

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