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Are You an Empath?


Many people don’t know or only suspect they are an Empath. While it’s not considered a clinical assessment or designation, there is mounting evidence that this type of person exists more frequently than we seem to realize. Oftentimes, this person is seen as overly emotional or dramatic because of the reaction to feeling the emotions of others and can’t seem to sort through their experience.

As with everything in life, knowledge is power. First, find out if you are. Then, figure out how to manage your situation because you can. Don’t be like so many Empaths out there that think just because you can sense all this incoming energy you have to be a victim of it. You can take control and I can show you an easy path.

Here is my 10-point assessment to determine if you are an Empath. You don’t have to have all 10 but at least 5 or more. The high-level description is that an Empath or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) is very sensitive to energy and emotions in the environment and often can’t differentiate them from their own. They don’t simply have empathy or sympathy for another’s situation, they feel the experience of another as if it were their own.